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Pisanix [Pi-sanics] is a modern database governance framework for Kubernetes. Pisanix adds SQL-aware traffic control, audit, security and extension abilities to help manage various databases in the Database Mesh way.

Pisanix Arch


Pisanix has the following goals:

  • SQL-Aware Traffic Control: supports SQL traffic load balancing, access control, observability.
  • Runtime Resource-oriented Programming: supports extensible resource control abilities.
  • Database Reliability Engineering: make DBA's life easier with Kubernetes


Database traffic governance

Applications access databases with SQL, so Pisanix will hijack all SQL traffic. This is a great opportunity to do a lot of things around traffic, like loadbalancing and SQL firewall.


In the past, metrics could be retrieved from database instances and display in kinds of charts. Now with Pisanix, DBAs could have more chances to achieve better observability.


For DBAs who could and would like to solve problems with programming. Pisanix supports many kinds of plugin mechanism, like Lua and Wasm. People will have the chance to 'reshape' the expected behavior of databases.

Getting Started


Full documentation will be available on the Pisanix website.

Community & Support

Mailing List
Dev Meetings (Starting Feb 16th, 2022), Bi-weekly Wednesday 9:00AM PST
Dev Meetings APAC Friendly (Starting April 27th, 2022), Bi-weekly APAC Wednesday 9:00PM GMT+8
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